Discover the Natural Beauty and Relaxation of Hendra Beach

If you’re looking for a peaceful, secluded beach getaway, look no further than Hendra Beach. Located on the North coast of Cornwall in England, this hidden gem is the perfect park place to unwind and take in the stunning natural beauty of the area.

Hendra Beach is a small, rocky cove that is only accessible on foot via a steep cliff path. This means that it is often less crowded than other, more popular beaches in the area. Once you make your way down the path, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the coastline and the crystal-clear waters of the cove.

The beach is surrounded by cliffs and rocks, which provide plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure. You can spend hours wandering along the coastline, exploring the caves and rock pools, and soaking up the sun.

The water at Hendra Beach is known for being particularly clear and clean, making it a great spot for swimming, snorkelling, and paddleboarding. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try your hand at cliff jumping – just make sure to do so safely and responsibly.

One of the unique features of Hendra Beach is its rich history. The area was once a thriving mining community, and remnants of this history can still be seen today. The cliffs around the beach are dotted with old mine shafts, and there are even some abandoned mine buildings that have been turned into holiday cottages.

Despite its secluded location, Hendra Beach is just a short drive from the nearby town of St. Agnes, which offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and pubs. If you’re looking for a little more excitement, the town of Newquay is also within driving distance, and is known for its vibrant nightlife and world-class surfing.

If you’re planning a trip to Hendra Beach, it’s important to note that there are no lifeguards on duty and the beach can be difficult to access for those with mobility issues. However, for those who are able to make the trek down the cliff path, the beach is a truly special place that offers a unique combination of natural beauty and historical significance.

In conclusion

Hendra Beach is a hidden gem that is well worth the effort to reach. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or an adventurous day at the beach, Hendra Beach has something for everyone. So pack your sunscreen, strap on your hiking boots, and get ready to discover one of Cornwall’s best-kept secrets.